Category Articles with Pagination

This modules allows all the filtering available with the default Category Article module allowing to display all articles of the category (or from many categories/filters) with a pagination system.


- All classic filtering offered by the module Category Articles (by Author, by Category etc etc)
- You can have many modules with paginations on the same page.
- You can set how many links to display on the pagination. 
- You can set how many articles to display per page.


1. Installation of the module

Install the module by uploading the zip file into Extensions >> Install

1.1 Installation of jQuery

This module uses jQuery and is compatible with version 1.7 or above [download jQuery from the official website].
Send the minified jquery file into your template javascript directory and load it adding the following line on your index.php file located at the root of your template directory: 

$doc->addScript($this->baseurl.'/templates/'.$this->template.'/javascript/jquery-1.11.0.min.js', 'text/javascript');

For more details about jQuery you can read the following page.

2. Show the module on your website

Once the installation is compleated  you will have a new module type to choose on your administartion interface called: Category Articles with Pagination.
Go to Module manager >> New
You will see Category Articles with Pagination module appear on the list, choose it.
Now on the setup screen of the module you can start by choosing the title and the template position as usual.
Then on the right column choose the category (or many catagories) from where the articles will be selected.

2.1 Setup of the pagination it self

On pagination options the first value will set the number of articles per page of the pagination system.
And just below it, the value labeled with Maximum number of links on the pagination will set the quantity of pagination links that will appear before showing an ellipsis [...].

This will allow you to have a easy to use pagination even if you have a great number of articles to show.

Now you can save the module to publish it on you website.




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